Court to Likud: Continue recount of primary votes

The High Court of Justice has decided to renew the recount of votes in the Likud primary, after Avi Dichter appealed the party’s internal court’s decision to halt a recount and leave candidates in their current places.

According to the original result, MK Tzipi Hotovely will be placed 20th and stands a real chance of returning to the Knesset. Placed 26th on the list, Dichter is less likely to enter the Knesset, with Likud currently polling around 23 seats.

He appealed to the party committee which ordered a recount of the votes in the primary, as the difference between Hotovely and Dichter stood at only a few hundred votes. But after the recount began, the party’s internal court instructed officials to stick with the original results. Dichter then appealed to the High Court of Justice, which overruled the internal party court and instructed that the recount of the votes continue.

Dichter rejected the prospect of becoming an MK by entering a slot reserved especially for an appointment by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

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