Deri says Lapid is motivated by hatred

Aryeh Deri is “very sorry” that Yesh Atid’s Lapid “continues” to inflame hatred of ultra-Orthodox. He says he’ll never be able to sit with Lapid in government unless Lapid changes.

Lapid rejects the claim of “hatred.”

“Haredi kids should join the army and Haredi adults should work like the rest of us,” says Lapid.

Shas, Deri counters, represents many Israelis who served in the IDF. He also says Lapid continues mentioning Deri’s conviction of bribery because of hatred and “would not dare speak like this if my name was Aryeh Olmert.” Deri sounds close to tears at one point but recovers.

A patronizing Lapid offers Deri “to help rehabilitate you.”

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