Hatnua makes push to garner backing for Sheetrit

The Hatnua party is making a strong last-minute push with left-wing MKs and opponents of Reuven Rivlin on the right. Meir Sheetrit, a Morocco-born veteran MK from the center of the political map, supports Palestinian statehood and may be able to garner votes from the left end of the spectrum. Rivlin, on the other hand, is an opponent of an independent Palestinian state.

Sheetrit met with Avigdor Liberman in the last hour ahead of the vote. Sheetrit is also moving systematically among left-wing MKs, meeting with Labor’s Hilik Bar and others.

Hatnua’s Amir Peretz, meanwhile, is making the rounds of Labor MKs — he’s a former Labor party leader — to convince them to give their votes to Sheetrit.

If Sheetrit doesn’t win this, it won’t be for lack of trying.

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