Jews and Muslims brave rockets in Ashkelon

Jews, Muslims and Christians who work side-by-side in a nursery run by the Hishtil global nursery corporation in Ashkelon brave the incoming rockets fired from the Gaza Strip together.

Hishtil, founded in 1974, specializes in the production and sale of vegetables, herbs, seedlings and young plants for the professional and hobby markets, which it grows in five sites in Israel and six joint venture nurseries in Turkey, Italy, South Africa, Bulgaria, France and Bosnia.

These days, as rockets rain on southern Israel, Jews, Muslims and Christians work together in Hishtil’s Ashkelon nursery. The Muslims and Christians, who are undergoing advanced agricultural training at Hishtil for a period of 11 months, hail from the Philippines, Rwanda, Sudan and Eritrea.

“The rocket fire over Israel does not discriminate between the different faiths,” reads a statement released by the nursery this afternoon.

Together, said the statement, the workers are “coping with barrages of rockets, parts and shrapnel that fall around the nursery.”