Lapid: I left Netanyahu meet more worried than when I went in

Speaking to the nation in a televised address, opposition head Yair Lapid says he left a security briefing with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more worried than when he went in.

Lapid does not say specifically what caused his worries, but details the talking-to he gave the premier.

“I told Netanyahu that… he needs to announce that he has taken the firing of Defense Minister Yaov Gallant off the table, to admit that he cannot rely on his cabinet and to create a small, stable security forum to deal with the situation.”

He also says he told Netanyahu to strip Internal Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir of any responsibility for the Temple Mount.

“We can’t have a TikTok clown who has lost the trust of the police and forces in the field managing things,” he says.

He blames the instability and chaos from within Netanyahu’s cabinet for the security travails.

“What our enemies in all arenas see is an unfit government. A cabinet nobody trusts. A defense minister on probation who was fired for speaking the truth. A national security minister who leaks recordings of the police chief. A finance minister who says he wants to wipe out villages.”

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