Leading Likud, Blue and White ministers threaten government collapse

Coalition infighting breaks out between Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn of Blue and White and Finance Minister Israel Katz of Likud during separate Channel 12 interviews.

The two ruling parties have been at odds virtually since the government was established in May, including increased sparring in the past week, leading many to believe the coalition is on the verge of collapse.

Nissenkorn attacks Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct, saying, “The government is not functioning. We cannot sustain a situation like this. All options are open.”

“He doesn’t understand the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis and the economic crisis,” Nissenkorn says of Netanyahu. “If this continues we’ll examine other options. The first option in my opinion is a unity government, but if it doesn’t function, and that is what is happening now, we cannot remain in it.”

Katz accuses Blue and White of holding up the budget, a bone of contention between the parties, for political reasons.

“If their militant hardline keeps going, we’re going to elections,” Katz says.

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