Netanyahu rules out rotating the prime ministership, predicts big election win

Netanyahu, in what is proving a very extensive interview, rules out a repeat of the rotation of the prime ministership that he agreed to with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, but that he did not allow to come to pass, in the outgoing coalition.

“The citizens of Israel are fed up with rotation. We have a historic opportunity to establish a right-wing government, led by me, real, full [right-wing],” he says. “I think we’re going to win with much more than 61 seats, much more. I see the shift.”

But he will need Naftali Bennett’s support for such a coalition, interviewer Levy prompts.

“Let’s see who I’ll need. We can’t go back to rotation… The people of Israel will say no to the rotation. It’s ultimately a choice between me and Yair Lapid, and that’s the reason there won’t be rotation.”

There’ll be no need for further elections, he goes on: “People will ask themselves, Who brought and who bring millions of vaccines… Who’ll heal the economy… Who’ll stand up to Iran — me or Lapid?”

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