Netanyahu unveils plan to give every citizen $230 — without coordinating with Treasury

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents his economic plan, despite objections voiced by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit against launching such a plan during an election campaign, without coordinating it with the Finance Ministry or the Justice Ministry.

Finance Minister Israel Katz, a close ally of the premier who has repeatedly clashed with professionals in his ministry, attends the press conference alongside Netanyahu even though the plan wasn’t formally coordinated with his ministry.

Netanyahu says the plan — which analysts say has virtually no chance of being approved — aims to aid small and medium businesses and jobseekers weather the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are bringing a nine-step plan to jumpstart our economy, big time,” says Netanyahu at a press conference, adding that he expects the government and the Knesset to support it.

The plan would offer a stipend of NIS 750 ($230) to every citizen and NIS 500 ($153) for every child, up to four children per family.

The plan comes despite the government not passing a budget for 2020 or 2021, with Netanyahu widely believed to have thwarted it on purpose to prevent the implementation of the power-sharing deal the stipulated that Benny Gantz would succeed him as prime minister unless the government falls due to failure to pass the budget.

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