PA, Hamas slam Lapid’s plan for Gaza reconstruction

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas slam Foreign Minister Yair Lapid’s remarks that Gaza could be handed economic projects in exchange for a quiescent Hamas.

“The enemy has resorted to various proposals in order to weaken the resistance, and they did not succeed. Its resort to such a plan indicates its inability to deal with the resistance and our Palestinian people,” says Hamas spokesperson Hazim Qasim.

Lapid delivered a speech last night in Herzliya calling for a two-stage plan in Gaza to end the enclave’s ongoing humanitarian crisis and weaken the Hamas terror group, which rules the Strip. Both stages would see long-awaited reforms to Gaza’s infrastructure, many of which have been on the table for years.

Lapid’s plan would see the Palestinian Authority take charge of implementing such initiatives on the ground in Gaza. In remarks delivered to the Palestinian cabinet, however, PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh pans the proposal.

“Gaza’s problem is political. It is the same problem that all of Palestine faces, including Jerusalem. There must be a serious political process based in international law, to end the occupation and lift the blockade… this would make the reconstruction of Gaza possible and sustainable,” Shtayyeh says.

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