PM vows to destroy more terrorists’ homes

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is sparing no efforts in the fight against terror, and says the demolition of terrorists’ homes is an important step towards curbing violence in Jerusalem and across the country.

“This morning, we demolished the home of a terrorist. This is a significant and important step and there will be more home demolitions,” he continues, during a visit to the new command center of the Jerusalem Municipality observation unit.

The unit operates observation balloons throughout the city and gives the municipality and the Israel Police real-time intelligence coverage of disturbances and violations of the law.

Netanyahu vows that the government will implement further security measures aimed at thwarting attacks against Israeli civilians. He adds that the Israeli leadership has no intention of marginalizing Jerusalem’s Palestinian population.

“We have nothing against the residents of eastern Jerusalem, but we will not tolerate attacks on our citizens and we will act against those who do these things and against those engaged in incitement,” he says.

“With a determined and vigorous hand, we will restore security to Jerusalem.”

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