Prosecutors close case of elevator flooding that killed Tel Aviv couple

Tel Aviv prosecutors have closed their investigation into the deaths of a young man and woman in a basement elevator during flooding last year amid stormy weather in the city.

Officials informed the families of couple Dean Yaakov Shoshani and Stav Harari that they could not point to “a person, body or authority that could be accused of a sufficient level of negligence in a criminal trial.”

Dean Yaakov Shoshani, left, and Stav Harari, right, drowned in a Tel Aviv elevator on January 4, 2020. (Facebook/Instagram)

In the fatal flooding in January of last year, officials said the elevator became stuck, possibly due to a power outage. Residents told Hebrew media they heard banging from the elevator and called police but rescue services took 30 to 60 minutes to arrive. The couple had drowned by then.

Investigators say after reviewing the building plans, elevator company performance and conduct of emergency services operating under stress amid what the mayor called a “once-in-50-years” downpour, they could not find criminal fault in the actions of any of them.