Suspect said to admit to Holon road rage slaying

Police say the suspect in a road rage killing last week that has sparked widespread anger admitted to the deed, according to Hebrew media reports.

Adi Mizrahi, 23, is expected to face a murder charge for the Wednesday slaying of Yuri Volkov, 52, during an argument in a Holon crosswalk.

Volkov had been crossing the street with his wife when a person on a motorbike made a dangerous maneuver and she snapped a picture of him. Volkov and the driver exchanged words before the motorist pulled out a knife and stabbed him. Volkov died a short time later and was buried earlier Sunday.

Mizrahi was arrested Thursday at a home in Holon. Reports over the weekend indicated that police were having trouble finding evidence to corroborate suspicions against him.

A police official is quoted telling Ynet that officers investigating the case still have their work cut out for them, and have been unable to locate Mizrahi’s cell phone.

Adi Mizrahi, suspected of stabbing Yuri Volkov to death in Holon, in an undated social media picture. (Courtesy: used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)

An official statement from police says only that a gag order on the case has been lifted.

The Volkov family says Mizrahi’s reported confession “is the only thing that can make us somehow a tiny bit happy.”

“We hope he goes to prison the rest of his life and rots there,” the family says.

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