UK ambassador: We need Israel to win

British Ambassador to Israel Simon Walters (Gov.UK)
British Ambassador to Israel Simon Walters (Gov.UK)

The UK needs Israel to win the war with Hamas in Gaza, Britain’s Ambassador to Israel Simon Walters says.

“Hamas must not remain in control in the Gaza Strip,” he tells Army Radio in an interview, adding that “Israel must adhere to the laws of war.”

Simon also comments on the rise in antisemitic violence against Jewish communities around the world. “We’re extremely concerned about antisemitism,” he says.

“It’s worrying that during the protests we’ve seen some antisemitic slogans and some calls for jihad. The government is responding to that — it takes the safety of Jewry in the UK very seriously.”

The comments come hours after hundreds of people stormed the main airport in Russia’s Dagestan region and went onto the landing field in an attempt to confront Jewish passengers aboard a flight from Israel. The violence in the mostly Muslim region, which erupted amid the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, prompted Israel to call on Russia to protect its citizens.

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