Oklahoma police chief resigns over alleged neo-Nazi ties

Bart Alsbrook denies connection to pair of white supremacist sites, which court documents show he owns

The interim police chief of a small town in Oklahoma announced Sunday he will resign over alleged neo-Nazi ties.

The resignation of Bart Alsbrook, who was named interim police chief of Colbert on Tuesday, came after a local television station reported Alsbrook was linked to white supremacist websites.

The report by the local Fox affiliate was prompted after the Southern Poverty Law Center published its hate map, which included Oklahoma-based ISD Records, which sells memorabilia and music from groups with names like The Klansmen and albums such as “Hitler was right.”

Alsbrook told the TV station he was not the same Bart Alsbrook whose signature is on the ownership document for ISD, but the Fox affiliate said it could not locate another person in the US with the same name.

The TV station said the website was taken down shortly after it spoke with Alsbrook, who subsequently said his wallet was stolen by a group of skinheads during a fight at a concert in the 1990s.

The interim police chief had also previously been named by the SPLC as the Texas coordinatior of Blood and Honour USA, which the SPLC describes as “a shadowy international coalition of racist skinhead gangs,” as well as the owner of NS88 videos.

Alsbrook also denied he was connected to NS88 videos but the Fox affiliate reported the website was taken down shortly after it contacted him about it and that court documents show he is the owner.

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