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Are There Any Gambling Self-Exclusion Services in Israel?

Gambling, online or land-based, is an activity known to most people. However, the negative attitude towards it has still remained. Various services have been implemented to tone down the negative effects of gambling – set by the user or the casino itself.

However, many countries still frown upon it as leisure and are adding more ways to stop it as the days pass by. Some go as far as placing them into their criminal acts. And Israel is one of these countries. Read more to learn about the online gaming regulations within this country, as well as ways in which you can play!

About Gambling in Israel

Online gaming in Israel is prohibited by law and is tied to a hefty fine or imprisonment. Namely, the Israeli Penal Law 5737–1977 makes a distinction between the lottery and betting on one side and “prohibited games” on the other.

It doesn’t particularly make a distinction between online or land-based gaming, but the interpretation of the law encompasses both. Simply put, all Israelis are banned from participating in or giving any type of gambling services.

When it comes to offshore betting, many Israelis still play at online casinos that are not based in the country. Israeli courts have deemed that any party in Israel connected to a casino offering its services specifically to the Israeli market will be viewed as violating the law.

However, the country itself allows two ways of legal gaming:

  • The National Lottery
  • The Israel Sports Betting Board (ISBB)

So Are There Any Self-Exclusion Tools Available?

Even though gambling in Israel is illegal, this doesn’t mean that players from this nation can’t enjoy online gaming when they’re out of the country. Many Israeli players find an off-shore casino to spend their free time when on their vacation.

In order for this to not grow into an addictive habit, all players must take into consideration the option of self-exclusion. Israel doesn’t offer any government self-exclusion options for players because, as mentioned, gambling is illegal in this country.

However, Israelis can use a casino’s internal self-exclusion methods. Moreover, there are some other approaches of this type for Israeli players given by other governments or individual companies.

Ways To Block Gambling Sites

Although not available from their government, Israeli players can still find many ways to self-exclusion. For one, Israelis can ban their entrance to an online gambling site is by using the tools provided by that page.

Moreover, there are plenty of other online self-exclusion schemes that are effective at helping players walk away from their gambling habits. All Israeli players can register to one of those tools and slowly ease out of playing online and going back to the primary idea of entertainment.

GamStop Self-Exclusion

Working under the guidance of NOSES and the National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited, this online self-exclusion tool was presented to the market in 2018. Since then, GamStop has been providing gamblers around the world a chance to banish themselves from any UK-registered online casino.

All Israelis in the UK can easily ban themselves from entering casinos registered in Great Britain by registering to this site. They just need to provide the necessary information and choose the period for which they want to be blocked. The only pitfall is that gamblers will still be able to play at CasinoGap in the UK without any restrictions.

The ban period varies between 6 months and 5 years. While the ban is active, Israelis will be shut out from any UKGC-licensed online casino. This decision can’t be overturned, meaning that once you sign up at GamStop, there is no way to cancel the prohibition until the time limit ends.

Gambling Transaction Block

There are ways for players to bypass a gambling blocker. However, one sure way to stop the encouragement of your online gaming habit is to set up a transaction blocker. This feature allows you to block your credit card or bank account from being used for wagering purposes.

Many banks around the world offer this feature, and Israeli players can take them up on it. All they need to do is ask the bank or use the banking app to block their transactions to any online gambling sites.

Internal Self-Exclusion

Another way to set a self-exclusion is by directly going through the casino. Each online gaming site has developed a self-exclusion system that works only with them.
Instead of blocking your entrance to all gambling sites, you can ban yourself from a specific operator. Israeli players can choose to entirely stop or limit their transactions on that site by contacting the support team. This self-exclusion tool can also include time limits on your daily log-in to the site.

Gambling Blockers

Aside from GamStop, there is a variety of other gambling blocker schemes that can help Israeli players shut down their presence on online gaming sites. Unlike this scheme which is free and doesn’t require you to pay for the service, many blockers work with a paid subscription.

The idea behind this comes from the fact that many punters use additional tools with which they can go around the ban set by the self-exclusion method. So, by asking players to pay for the service, there is a higher chance you’ll stick to the block. Some examples include Gamban, Betfilter, Betblocker, Gamblock, etc.

Although gambling can be a fun way to spend some of your free time, you have to be mindful for it not to become an addiction. The country of Israel is rigorous when it comes to this activity. Nonetheless, for those Israeli players that have found their way to gambling and need additional help, all of the aforementioned tools can help their recovery.

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