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Best THCP Gummies in 2024: Find Your Perfect THCP Edibles

Discover the delicious world of THCP gummies – effects, types, and top picks. Elevate your experience with these delightful treats.

THCP gummies have been gaining remarkable popularity in recent times, drawing attention for their unique benefits compared to other consumption methods. In this article, we’re diving into the world of THCP gummies, exploring their rising trend and advantages. We’ll guide you through a curated selection of the finest THCP gummy products, discussing various types and their effects. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, we’re here to uncover the factors that make these gummies stand out and help you make an informed choice for an enhanced experience. Let’s unravel the delectable and intriguing world of THCP-infused gummies.

Let’s check out the best brands first.

Top THCP Gummies of 2024


 Just Delta – Best Flavored THCP Gummies

Key Features

  • Symphony of slower onset and longer-lasting effects.
  • Multiple flavors in one jar
  • Reasonably priced

Rating – 9.8/10

In the world of THCP gummies, Just Delta shines like a beacon of freakin’ awesomeness. Hitting a solid 9.8 out of 10, this score ain’t no generosity on the part of the judges, mate! Their products are clean as a hound’s tooth with high potency levels that can match the performance of a drag car. Shipping is swift and returns flexible if you change your mind. The customer support is so engaging, you’d wish you could invite them over for a BBQ. A high score for a high-life experience!

Product Description

Each gummy square is a mini flavor explosion in your mouth. Packed with high-quality ingredients and offering a bundle of servings, pop just one and you’ll be traveling down a dizzyingly delicious, euphoria-inducing rabbit hole.


Just Delta THCP gummies offer a lot of unique variants like Worms, Rings, Squirters, and more.


The gummies are made with a blend of sweet and tart components, from Sugar Gelatin to Citric Acid. There’s even Palm Oil and Modern-day Beeswax to get that smooth texture. But the real star of the show is the THCB and the Resin Gummies. Now that’s a sight for sore eyes!


Each pack comes with 20 gummies to keep you grinning ear to ear for a while.


  • Amazing combination of flavors
  • Premium quality THCP
  • Gobble to your heart’s content, thanks to generous servings
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • First-timers might find these gummies a little too “uplifting”

Brand Reputation & Customer Reviews

Websites from all corners of the internet seem to have nothing but praise for Just Delta, including, Nature&Bloom, WayofLeaf, ThingTesting, and more. They’ve done well for themselves in this competitive market. Customers on its website have also praised these gummies. One customer said, “Perfect, and just what I was looking to get my sleep schedule right.”

3rd Party Lab Testing

Just Delta sends products straight to third-party labs for a full rundown test. All the lab results are made as easy as pie to access, ensuring you can peek into each gummy’s potency and safety profile.

General Disclaimer: It is important to educate yourself about THCP and its potential risks before using it. Follow the link to find more information on this topic here.

2. Binoid – Premium D8 and THCP Gummies
Key Features

  • Premium Quality THCP Ingredients
  • Effective and Potent Formula
  • Wide Variety of Options
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Reputable Brand

Rating – 9.7/10

Binoid hovers at a whopping 9.7/10 on the cosmic-satisfaction-o-meter. Their out-of-the-world product quality, spacely speedy shipping, and stardust-dusted customer service make them a Northern Star in the galaxy of cannabinoid gummies. They also offer a 30-day return policy for unopened and unused items.

Product Description

Straight from the interstellar ovens of Binoid, their premium D8 and THCP gummies are a journey through the starry recesses of pleasure and ecstasy. Crafted with leading-edge scientific precision and top-notch ingredients, these little nuggets of happiness deliver a consistent kick that’ll have you orbiting the euphoric celestial body.


Binoid has a flavor for everyone, be you a fan of the sweet or the sour! You can enjoy multiple flavors in one bottle to cover all your needs.


  • Glucose Syrup (from Wheat or Corn)
  • Gelatinized Sugar
  • Dextrose (from Wheat or Corn)
  • Citric Acid
  • Artificial and Natural Flavors
  • Palm and Palm Kernel Oil
  • Carnauba Wax
  • White and Yellow Beeswax
  • Food Colorants
  • THC-P
  • D-8 THC


With 20 servings per bottle, Binoid’s got you covered! Each pack serves several of these delicious chewable go-pills.


Binoid THCP gummies follow a specific formula that’s structured to deliver a quality product that consumers swear by. This formula comprises a blend of naturally sourced ingredients, combined with high-tech extraction methods, to provide a satisfying wellness experience.

Manufacturing Methods

This brand is stratosphere-level careful when it comes to manufacturing its THCP gummies. They team up with an ISO-certified facility for the production process which follows stringent measures to ensure quality control. It’s a globally accepted benchmark that checks if the product is up to snuff in terms of quality and safety. That little ISO badge is there to remind you that some serious science went into making these snacks.

3rd Party Lab Testing

Binoid knows that earning trust waltzes hand in hand with transparency. That’s why each batch of their THCP gummies is sent off to a fully independent, third-party lab for rigorous testing. These guys don’t just take lab reports from anyone, they’ve got their own trusted nerds of science conducting thorough examinations of each product. Anyone can pull up the lab results right on their website.

3. Fresh – Best Variety of THCP Gummies
Key Features

  • They’re made from organic, naturally farmed hemp
  • No pesticide business here
  • A blend of delta-10, delta-8 THC, and other legit natural ingredients

Rating – 9.5/10
If we had to pin a number on Fresh on that old-school scale of 1 to 10, they’d easily fetch a 9.5. Why? Well, their product checks all the boxes in terms of potency, top-tier ingredients, and a great customer support team that sport velvet gloves when handling returns and shipping queries. Plus, they’ve earned a fine heap of positive feedback, as welcoming as a home-baked pie.

Product Description
Fresh gummies are the quintessential wellness routine partner. Infused with top-notch THCB and an extra helping of resin gummies that gives its competitors a serious run for their money. Be it Everest THCP or Chapo Extrax variants, there’s more than one way to savor these zesty gummies. They’ve taken the essence of bee’s knees, mixed in some delta-8, and wound up with these flavor-packed gummies. Now, ain’t that something?

Welcome to the candy shop of legal hemp delights! These Fresh THCP gummies are like a wild booze cruise for your tastebuds. They are available in Tropical, Fruity Blend, and Tropical Blend flavors.

These ain’t your grandma’s hard candies, son. They’ve got a grocery list full of goodness like Glucose Syrup sourced from Wheat or Corn, Sugar Gelatin, and Dextrose from Wheat or Corn. There ain’t just room for the natural; they’ve squeezed in less than 2% of Citric Acid, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, and Beeswax – both White and Yellow we’re talking here – plus your Rainbow Coalition of dyes: Yellow 5, Red 40, and Blue 1, and THC-P.

These gummies ain’t gonna run out on you faster than toilet paper during a pandemic. Thankfully, Fresh’s gone residential-sized here, giving you 15 servings for a mini mosh pit of merriment, or just a prolonged solitary elevated cannabis trip, depending on how you roll.


  • Perfect for fans of tropical delicacies
  • All-natural flavors that make your tongue salsa dance.
  • A carnival of ingredients, that are all-natural
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • Not suitable for those who don’t like strong flavor in gummies

Brand Reputation & Customer Reviews
Fresh has been riding the high tide of popularity with its innovative range of THCP products. Cats from CBD Guru, Leaf Report, Daily CDB, and more have given it the nod.

Regarded as the Elvis of THC-P gummies, you know you’re popping nuggets of love endorsed by a host of loyal fans. One customer said, “I developed a VERY high tolerance to edibles (need at least 250mg) so even taking 6 of these just gave me a light buzz. I will say however that I slept for about 10-12 hours after taking them. For me personally, they were just OK but that’s more due to my high tolerance and not the gummy itself.”

These gummies are like a well-tuned symphony – every flavor, ingredient, and serving size is constructed with the precision of a master conductor. The formula is as stealthy as a ninja, inviting unsuspecting taste buds into a joy ride of pleasure they never asked for, but won’t refuse.

Manufacturing Methods
Fresh ain’t taking the DIY garage kit route here. They have set the bar for THCP gummy production high, partnering with ISO-certified facilities, guaranteeing every bite you take isn’t just freakin’ amazing, but promises top-notch quality with the cleanliness of a nun’s conscience. A trip through the gummy valley of Fresh brings a sugary showdown between epic flavor and unrivaled manufacturing prowess.

3rd Party Lab Testing
Just like a no-nonsense principal overseeing a school, these chaps send off their gummies for 3rd party testing. The lab results made available to the public, let you know that you’re dealing with an honest product.

4. TRĒ House – Best Full-Spectrum CBD + THCP Gummies

Key Features

  • Meticulous crafting process
  • Infused with minor cannabinoids for potentially longer-lasting effects.
  • Delicious tropical mangos flavor
  • One gummy will get you baked

Rating – 9.3/5
And the jury’s verdict is – expect high caliber potency, purity, and product range. Definitely, a brand that makes an impression!

Product Description
Get ready to sail on the clouds of euphoria with TreHouse’s Premium Potent THCP Gummies that pack a stellar punch. They ain’t your rinky-dink, run-of-the-mill corner store gummies, folks! We’re talkin’ high-quality cannabinoids molded into perfect little galactic treats that make you see stars. Not the kind you see when you bump your head, mind ya. The good kind!

These chewy delights come in an array of cosmic-inspired flavors that’ll send your taste buds on a wild extraterrestrial ride. Tropical island twists, crisp apple-guava tang, sweet mixed berries, or good ol’ evergreen grape – these round morsels have a taste for every palate, be you an earthling or a spaceling!


  • Glucose Syrup (from Wheat or Corn)
  • Gelatinized Sugar
  • Dextrose (from Wheat or Corn)
  • Citric Acid
  • Artificial and Natural Flavors
  • Palm Oil
  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Carnauba Wax
  • White Beeswax
  • Yellow Beeswax
  • Food Colorants (Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1)
  • THC-P

Each packet brings 20 gummies, well enough to keep the party rolling.


  • High potency
  • Diverse, delicious flavors
  • An interesting mix of natural flavors
  • Less than 0.3% THC


  • Not suitable for those with a low THC tolerance

Brand Reputation & Customer Reviews
TRĒ House is a well-known entity in the cosmic world of cannabinoid confections. Websites like Dab Connection, GuidetoVaping, and more have well and truly appreciated the galaxy of joy delivered by their gummies

Customers gaze at them with starry eyes, praising the potent efficacy, taste, and overall trippy ride to the constellations of ecstasy. One customer on TRĒ House’s official product page said, “Always wanted to try gummies. Got the website from a friend and am so glad I did. Just the thing I needed.”

The formula used by TRĒ House is a universe of scientific mastery in itself. Each gummy contains a potent blend of THCP with HHC that delivers an out-of-this-world experience. They’ve struck the perfect balance of sweet joy and a potent high, making their product a shooting star in the cannabinoid candy cosmos.

Manufacturing Methods
TRĒ House takes its manufacturing process to another level of peppiness. They collaborate with ISO-certified facilities that follow a rigorous set of protocols to deliver premium quality THCP gummies. These guys don’t just bake their gummies, they create constellations of cosmic candies!

3rd Party Lab Testing
When it comes to ensuring the quality of their product, these folks don’t hide behind a nebula of uncertainty. They send their products for testing to accredited third-party labs. And the kind people over there at the labs don’t keep their findings under their lab coats, instead, they are available for customers to peruse.

5. Galaxy Treats – Most Potent THCP Gummies

Galaxy Treats, with their top-tier THCP gummies, could make any cannabis connoisseur feel like they’ve hit a sweepstake. This brand is a whiz in this space with products that have the potential to provide relaxing body effects.

Key Features

  • Enhance your mood and make you feel cloud nine.
  • Quality ingredients
  • Infused with multiple cannabinoids
  • Long-Lasting

Rating – 9.2/10
Ingredients, servings, everything’s top-notch with Galaxy Treats. If product purity, potency, no-hassle shipping, returns, and customer support were a singing concert, Galaxy Treats might be the lead singer.

Product Description
Their claim to fame is the premium-grade THCP extract derived from what could only be top-notch hemp sources. Each gummy has been lab tested. And let’s not forget their old-school mixed fruit flavor that adds a delightful twist to your consumption.

Who doesn’t like a dash of the traditional taste, eh? Galaxy Treats brings tons of different flavors like Berry Melon, Tropical Kush, Blue Razz, and more.


  • Citric acid
  • THCP Extract
  • Delta 9 THC
  • And more…

The serving size is on point, with a total of 20 gummies to savor in each pack.


  • Quality Ingredients
  • Strong Effects
  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • All-natural


  • Price may be high for some

Brand Reputation & Customer Reviews
From high praises from top online websites like Honest Brand Reviews, CBD Incubator, Dab Connection, and more to rave reviews, Galaxy Treats is leading the pack and setting a high standard in the cannabinoid space.

On its website, one customer said,” These really do pack a punch! I thought I was totally fine going for a whole gummy, but I really should have started with half. I recommend going slow with these when you first get them!”

Each THCP gummy follows a premium formulation, designed for better potency and a pure feeling of calm. These hemp-derived THCP gummies are made with less than 0.3% delta-9 and only contain natural flavors, without pesticides and additives.

Manufacturing Methods
By following strict ISO-certified manufacturing methods, Galaxy Treats ensures high-quality output in each batch. They have been working with certified companies from the start.

3rd Party Lab Testing
Wondering about their credibility? Each Galaxy Treat is sent for third-party lab testing, and you can readily access lab reports to prove the potency.

6. Moonwlkr – Delta-9 Infused THC-P Gummies

Key Features
Contains the potent THCP compound for an enhanced experience.
Delectable Strawnana flavor, combining strawberry and banana tastes.
Each gummy offers a consistent dosage.
Crafted with natural ingredients to ensure purity.

Rating – 8.9/10
Their products are pure and potent, delivering effective results. Fast shipping and hassle-free returns show their commitment to customer satisfaction. Excellent customer support ensures a smooth experience. Overall, Moonwlkr stands out for quality, reliability, and outstanding service.

Product Description
Moonwlkr introduces the Strawnana 900mg THCP gummies, crafted to offer a unique blend of relaxation and a flavorful experience. This innovative concoction blends potent THCP with the mouth-watering taste of strawberries and bananas.

The Strawnana THCP gummies live up to their name, offering a delightful dance of strawberry and banana flavors on the palate. It’s a harmonious fusion that doesn’t overpower but instead leaves a lingering, fruity aftertaste, making each bite a flavorful journey.

These gummies are crafted with a careful selection of ingredients ensuring both taste and efficacy. While the website provides a comprehensive list, the prime ingredients include the potent THCP compound, natural flavors, and sweeteners.

Each jar of Moonwlkr’s THCP gummies is loaded with a generous 900mg, ensuring numerous servings to match your desired experience.


  • A potent THCP content for a unique experience
  • All-natural ingredients promote health and safety
  • A delightful blend of flavors offers a sensory treat
  • Transparent 3rd-party lab testing ensures quality


  • Might be potent for new users, so starting with a smaller dose is advisable
  • Availability might be restricted depending on your location

Brand Reputation & Customer Reviews
Moonwlkr has been recognized and reviewed by leading online websites like Nature&Bloom, Vapor Vanity, and more, cementing its place in the market. The overwhelming majority of users appreciate the gummies for their consistency, both in taste and effect.

Many have expressed satisfaction over the flavorful experience and the relaxing sensation the gummies induce. “A perfect blend of taste and relaxation,” quoted a user on the Moonwlkr THCP gummies product page, while another mentioned, “It’s a game-changer for me.”

Moonwlkr uses the full-spectrum formula in their gummies, ensuring that users get the complete range of cannabinoids, offering a holistic experience.

Manufacturing Methods
Moonwlkr prioritizes quality, which is evident in its manufacturing methods. They employ a state-of-the-art extraction method to derive the THCP, ensuring purity and potency. Additionally, they collaborate with ISO-certified facilities that follow strict guidelines and best practices, guaranteeing the gummies’ excellence.

3rd Party Lab Testing
To ensure the safety and quality of their products, Moonwlkr submits their gummies for rigorous third-party lab testing. These lab results, available for perusal, are a testament to the brand’s commitment to transparency and trust

How to Choose the Best THCP Edibles

These are the factors we considered important when choosing the best THCP edibles.

  • 3rd Party Lab Testing

Our top priority is your safety and well-being. We only considered THCP edible products that have undergone rigorous third-party lab testing. This ensures that the products are accurately labeled, free from harmful contaminants, and contain the stated levels of THCP.

  • Customer Reviews

The voice of the customers matters. We paid close attention to authentic customer reviews and feedback. Positive reviews from real users speak volumes about the effectiveness and quality of the THCP edibles, helping us assess their overall performance.

  • Brand Reputation

Reputation speaks volumes about a brand’s commitment to quality and consistency. We focused on well-established and reputable brands known for their transparency, adherence to regulations, and dedication to delivering reliable THCP products.

  • Potency

Suppose we’re talking about a knock-your-socks-off potency, THCP gummies are your go-to hero. You know, compared to THC, THCP is like a run-of-the-mill jalapeno sitting next to a fiery ghost pepper. THCP gummies pack quite a punch because they’re more potent than regular THC gummies. Ain’t that a kick in the head!

  • Manufacturing Methods

How THCP gummies are made, you ask? You’d be surprised to know it’s a science that would even impress Einstein. Typically, manufacturers utilize cannabinoid isolates extracted through a complex method involving organic chemistry. The process ain’t all that different from whipping up a batch of Nana’s secret spaghetti sauce. It involves carefully blending the THCP extract with other ingredients and creating an enjoyable, easy-to-eat gummy product. It’s practically a culinary masterpiece!

  • Ingredients

A THCP gummy ain’t just about the THCP, you know. It’s like a sports team. Sure, you got your superstar player in the form of THC-P, but the rest of the squad matters too. Usual teammates include glucose syrup, gelatin, and natural flavors, which give it that perfect bite and sweetness. Of course, look out for artificial colors or your Steve Irwin-type artificial components. To put it short, reading the ingredient list on the package is a good practice.

What Are THCP Gummies?
THCP is similar to your regular gummies but infused with a cannabinoid called THCP, short for tetrahydrocannabiphorol. The main difference? These gummies contain THCP, making them more potent than your average THC gummy bear.

Using them is as easy as one, two, or three. You just pop one in your mouth, savor the flavor – they often come in all sorts of tantalizing fruity flavors – and let the gummy dissolve. THCP Gummies work by releasing the THCP into your system when you digest them. The effect? A deeper, more intense relaxation than you’d get from regular THC.

THCP is far more potent than THC. It’s like comparing a cat nap to a full night’s sleep! You see, THC gets a boost from THCP, making these gummies a potent choice for those looking for maximum impact. If you’re after a potent cannabinoid experience, THCP gummies are like holding the winning lottery ticket!

The Benefits of THCP Gummies
Curious cats might be asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?” Well, THCP gummies have a few dazzling tricks in their hats. They’ve got a roster of benefits that could make a veteran nutritionist whistle.

  • For starters, they can help with pain management. You’ll be surprised how effective these gummies could be when dealing with that stubborn old backache! Just like how a good night’s sleep can make a cranky kid less grumpy, these gummies may alleviate that unnecessary discomfort.
  • These potent gummy treats can also help alleviate anxiety and stress, just like a steamy cup of chamomile tea in a comfy chair.
  • In addition, the gummies stimulate appetite, so if you find yourself pushing food around your plate instead of eating it, these gummies could escort your hunger back.
  • But the best part? The convenience is off the charts! You just pop them in your mouth, no instructions or guesswork necessary. Plus, they’re portability makes them the ideal pick for those who want to take their cannabinoids on the go but still look cool.

THCP Gummies Side Effects
Now, let’s talk about THCP gummies and the side effects they might experience along the way. Imagine being on the roller coaster, folks. A fancy, quick, high-end ride leaves you thrilled — until the nausea kicks in and you regret that double cheeseburger. Just like the roller coaster, THCP gummies will give you a great high – a mental whoosh, thank you very much – but then they might also pack a punch with their side effects.

  • Sudden dizziness – like you’ve had one too many swing rides at the carnival
  • That unhappy queasiness in your stomach that’s hanging on for dear life
  • A dry mouth is something that every new user will experience.
  • Those mood swings are normal, but they fade away quickly.

You see, THCP gummies are potent little devils, ain’t for nobody who ain’t ready for some action. Pregnant ladies, people on medication for lord-knows-what ailment, and youngsters should steer clear of these treats like they’re avoiding a jump scare in a horror flick. Remember, folks, professional counsel is like a map; you don’t really need it until you’re lost. It is best to consult a health professional before jumping on the THCP gummy train.

THCP Gummies FAQs

Taking a deep dive into these gummies, let’s answer a bunch of questions folks like you might be aching to know.

How should THCP gummies be stored??
Well now, you gotta treat these gummies like you would a dairy product. No, not in your belly, in your fridge! Cool and dark is the way to go. Keep them away from light and heat, like they’re undercover agents hiding from an international crime syndicate.

Are there any specific storage requirements for THCP gummies?
Ever tried a melted chocolate bar? Yeah me neither. Same goes for these gummies. Delta-8 THC ain’t a fan of heat or sunlight, keep ’em stuffy, away from any prying rays in a cool, dark corner where they can mind their own bees’ wax.

Can I take THCP gummies with other supplements?
Imagine mixing mustard and ice cream, sounds nasty right? Consider mixing supplements in the same vein. You gotta be aware of any potential reactions, just like that bizarre mustard-ice cream concoction. Check-in with your doc before teaming up a THCP gummy with your daily dose of vitamins.

How long does it take for THCP gummies to take effect?
Well now, ain’t that the million-dollar question? Delta-8 THC, the hardworking mule of the lot, might take anywhere between 1 to 4 hours to show up to the party. Best to keep an evening free to enjoy the trip.

Are THCP gummies suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
Yes thanks to strict regulation, companies are bound to make gummies that are suitable for vegans. Also, the brands we mentioned offer gummies that are suitable for vegans.

Can I travel with THCP edibles?
Ah, the good old can-I-take-my-THC-edibles-on-the-road-question. The answer to that one ain’t simple. THCP gummies should be treated with the same caution as your mama bear treats her brand-new China set. Keep ’em out of sight! Although state laws vary, general wisdom says keep ’em home where they’re safe. The last thing you want on vacation is a run-in with Johnny Law. Oh and did I mention the importance of good, respectful customer service when dealing with this stuff? Managed by folks from well-known companies like Oasis, every customer dealing with THCP products has a right to smooth sailing, just like on a lake on a calm, Sunday afternoon.

Wrapping Up
In the world of THCP gummies, one truth stands out: finding your perfect fit is like tailoring a suit. From Galaxy Treats to Binoid and PureKana, choices abound. Each brand offers a unique experience, from full-spectrum blends to tantalizing flavors. These sweet edibles, made with quality ingredients and rigorously tested, compete with five-star standards. Your preference matters—potency, flavors, or full-spectrum goodness. Stay sharp, make savvy choices, and enjoy the bang for your buck and body!

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