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Embrace a world-class education at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Exploring new perspectives: The hidden gems of studying for a BA degree in Israel

Students at Hebrew University (Credit:) Yonit Schiller)
Students at Hebrew University (Credit:) Yonit Schiller)

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, the pursuit of higher education is transcending borders like never before. More and more students are choosing to expand their academic horizons internationally. An exciting and enriching opportunity awaits high school graduates seeking an international BA degree at a world-class university. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers students a unique experience that combines academic excellence with Jewish heritage and vibrant campus life, in one of the world’s most inspiring locations – Jerusalem.


A Tailored Academic Experience

At Hebrew University’s (HUJI) Rothberg International School, international students learn from leading experts, gain real-world experience, and develop the skills to thrive professionally. A range of flexible, 3-year multidisciplinary BA degree programs are offered in English, allowing international students to reap the benefits of earning a degree in Israel while studying in their native tongue. By choosing two out of three fields of specialization – liberal arts, business, and English – students design a double-major degree tailored to their academic pursuits.

Through stimulating courses, study tours, and internships, participants gain practical experience in Jerusalem, a living laboratory and their second classroom. In addition, they join a thriving community of international students from 90+ countries and benefit from personalized support, social activities and trips designed to complement their studies and immerse them in Israeli culture.

Program Highlights

As one of the world’s top-100 universities, HUJI offers international students a premier education that is recognized globally, opening doors to professional opportunities across diverse fields. One of the program’s greatest advantages is its accelerated pace, enabling students to complete their double-major degree in just three years and gain a head start toward advanced studies or an entry-level job.

Depending on the combination, some of the tracks are offered in Israel exclusively at Hebrew University. In addition, affiliation with HUJI’s renowned faculties of social sciences and humanities, as well as the AACSB-accredited Hebrew University Business School, gives students exposure to some of the world’s leading researchers in their fields. They’ll be inspired to think unconventionally and discover the power of their ideas, while learning in a setting that drives excellence.

Jerusalem: A City of Endless Possibility

Studying at Hebrew University comes hand-in-hand with an unforgettable journey of discovery in the vibrant city of Jerusalem. With its rich history, diverse culture, and religious significance, Jerusalem offers a unique backdrop for each student’s academic journey. From ancient landmarks to outdoor markets, museums, festivals, and a culinary paradise, students get to explore during their free time while connecting with a mosaic of individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Students walking in Jerusalem (Credit: Yonit Schiller)

Internships, Career Services, and Student Life

Career development is part and parcel of the academic journey at Hebrew University. Many degree programs include embedded internships, tailored to the field of study and lifestyles of students, and designed to equip them with the skills to hit the ground running once they graduate. HUJI’s Career Center offers invaluable guidance to support students in successfully navigating the job market.

In addition, Hebrew University’s Office of Student Life ensures a well-rounded student experience, providing ongoing support and a range of extracurricular activities and events that foster a sense of community and encourage exploration.

Join Hebrew University’s Academic Community

The application process at HUJI is designed to facilitate a smooth journey for international students – from the submission of their applications to admissions and arrival – ensuring that they feel supported throughout. To apply for an international BA program, students who meet the admissions criteria must submit an online application, including all relevant documents.

To learn about Hebrew University and its international BA programs, click here

Scholarships and financial aid are available!

MASA Israel Journey is a valuable resource for Jewish international students seeking financial aid for their academic pursuits in Israel. These generous scholarships make study in Israel a reality, and assist qualifying students in achieving their educational goals at Hebrew University. Students are encouraged to apply for a MASA scholarship by visiting “Masa Israel Journey.”

Interested students and parents are welcome to join Hebrew University’s Digital Open Day on February 25, at 6pm.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Hebrew University’s exclusive double-major BA degrees in English, engage with some of the university’s renowned faculty and outstanding staff, listen to students and alumni and get information about HUJI’s Welcome Center, admission and scholarships.

Advance registration for the February 25 Digital Open day is required, book your place here

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