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How Al The Jeweler is taking the industry by storm

He has designed pieces for top personalities, including American football wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Jarvis Landry, and Calvin Ridley.

Al The Jeweler (courtesy)
Al The Jeweler (courtesy)

Jewelry connects us to our loved ones and helps spice up our outfits and style. While we may not always be close to our loved ones, a piece of jewelry brings back old memories, which is why many prefer jewelry as a gift.

Every jewelry piece comes with a story to tell, and there’s no better way to tell it than through customized pieces. Al The Jeweler is a jewelry designer making sure no story goes untold through his customized pieces that have taken the industry by storm.

For Al’s family, Jewelry design has been a family trade since the early 90s. With his father as an expert custom jewelry designer, Al was privileged to learn from the best. His skills and expertise have seen him become a common name in the fiercely competitive industry.

He has designed pieces for top personalities, including American football wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Jarvis Landry, and Calvin Ridley. Al is the man behind Stefon Diggs’ Starbucks chain, which attracted attention across the globe.
According to Elber Bekdas, aka Al The Jeweler, even though jewelry has been a family business for decades, he first wanted to take another path. After graduating high school, Al went to business college for two years; however, his passion for jewelry design stopped him from studying any further. He decided to focus on his lifelong passion fully.

“Every story deserves to see the light of day,” notes Al. To Al The Jeweler, jewelry design is more than just diamonds. “Jewels are priceless treasures that hold memories dear to the heart,” says Al. Ensuring no piece of the story is left out, he takes his time to understand what his clients want.

“I am a perfectionist,” says Al, “If I don’t like how something comes out, I redo it until I get the desired results.” Al is widely known for his excellent customer service and perfect pieces. Focusing on client satisfaction, his approach to every client is unique as everyone has different tastes and preferences. This has enabled him to become a trusted designer in the industry.

Al notes that his college skills have also helped him smoothly operate his business, Labelle Jewelry.

Asked about the future, Al is looking to provide his clients with perfect jewelry pieces and work with more high-end clients in the NBA, the NFL, and even dive deeper into the music industry. He says it’s his dream to create a custom jewelry design for top rapper Lil Baby, who also happens to be his favorite rapper.

Starting with little experience and understanding of the industry, Al struggled to get clients. However, he didn’t give up; in fact, he notes it motivated him to be the best he could be. He perfected his skills and used an approach many overlook in the business world. Instead of making his business all about the money, he made it about his clients. He focused on giving them the best possible customer service while building a genuine relationship with the customer. He is now taking the industry by storm and has grown from zero to thousands of clients.

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