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In ‘Magical Awakenings,’ Rav Simcha draws from a light that no else has revealed

‘Magical Awakenings’ reveals how turning to prayer offers a comprehensive toolbox for all aspects of life in this most auspicious time during Tisha B’av and the Nine Days.

Part of the mission statement of Partners in Prayer reads: “For those first turning to prayer, or first recognizing how prayer offers a comprehensive toolbox for all aspects of life.” To this end, Partners in Prayer is pleased to present the second volume in the series, Magical Awakenings The Nine Days and Tisha B’av, written by the esteemed Rav Simcha Leib Weinberg Shlita. Let’s use the Nine days and Tisha B’av to unite us all using a collective awakening of the soul.

Learn and experience how to master THE ART OF PRAYER!
Especially During the Nine Days and Tisha B’av

Excerpts from the book, ‘Magical Awakenings, Volume 2’ by HaRav Simcha Leib Weinberg.

“Longing for a Bais Hamikdash makes our relationship with Hashem more alive and more intense; and when these yearnings are expressed in our prayer, realities are created.

“We may experience an aching loss during the Three Weeks, yet it is precisely this acute feeling which keeps the Bais Hamikdash alive during its lengthy absence. We can tap into the closeness of our relationship with our Father in Heaven, and the Bais Hamikdash, through mourning and dwelling on the gravity of our loss. This is how we can keep our relationship alive.

וַיִקַץ, and he woke up – Magical Awakenings! We find that this word is associated with individuals who took their dreams and immediately put them into action. In each case, it was carried out through tefillah. While many understand the words, הָיִינוּ כְּחֹלְמִים, we were like dreamers, to mean that when Mashiach comes we will look back to the years of galus as a mere dream, we can learn from Yaakov Avinu and Shlomo Hamelech that the way we wake up from a dream contains the key for us to grow within the greatest challenges. Both, Yaakov Avinu and Shlomo Hamelech, took their dreams and immediately expressed them through prayer.”

Magical Awakenings can be purchased at here or on Amazon.

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