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Step outside the ordinary to face your challenges head-on, says Bashar J. Katou

Bashar founded the university to impact millions of people’s lives and help his students find financial and time freedom

Courtesy of Bashar J. Katou
Courtesy of Bashar J. Katou

Although a routine might make some people feel safe and in check, it can reduce performance and hinder success for others. For Bashar J. Katou, giving up a routine and facing challenges head-on is what keeps him alive and helps him crush his goals.

Bashar J. Katou is the CEO and Founder of BJK University. Bashar founded the university to impact millions of people’s lives and help his students find financial and time freedom. He achieves this by guiding them in building a business plan and focusing on their goals. When they have these plans set in stone with the help of Bashar and BJK University, they can stay alive in their pursuit of the extraordinary and attain success.

Bashar J. Katou knows there is much more to life than spending your days behind a desk, working a mundane 9-to-5 job. Bashar wants to show people that they can become financially and personally free by taking the leap of faith to give up their routine lives.

Bashar’s father was an entrepreneur himself, transitioning from an accountant to a clothing factory owner in the 1960s and increasing its sales by 600 percent within the first eight months. It was his father who made Bashar realize the significance of challenges and focus in attaining success.

Although Bashar J. Katou and his family had a happy time in Iraq, things changed in the early 2000s as the war broke out. The challenges that Bashar faced as a child while fleeing his native country and settling as a refuge in the United States made him realize that if you push through and strive for happiness and safety, you can achieve it, no matter the obstacles. Facing challenges and living outside of the ordinary provides safety in both personal and professional life.

Through founding the BJK University and his life experiences, Bashar J. Katou taught himself that to gain real success and happiness, you must live life the way you want to and not stick to traditions. Every person is unique and has their own path to achieve happiness and freedom, which can only be found by breaking away from the shackles of routine.

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