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The Degree of the Future

The Double Major program in Entrepreneurship & Economics with Data Science provides a multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy & the business world, giving students knowledge to start their own startup

Participants of the Capstone Project
Participants of the Capstone Project

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, many professions could become obsolete overnight. What are the professions that would make us employable for many years if we studied them today? This is a question that many young university candidates are struggling with these days.

With the professional world constantly changing, young people must possess strong analytical skills that allow them to re-invent themselves when necessary.

The double major BA degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship with Data Science, is a degree that aims to develop within its students an entrepreneurial mindset. Students gain the skills necessary to create innovative ventures or innovate within existing organizations, as well as acquire a strong foundation in Economics. This includes the ability to analyze markets and to understand the implications of economic policy on the economy, as well as the ability to analyze data in a changing world. Moreover, this degree provides students with Python and R programming skills.

When students graduate with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship with Data Science, what types of employment can they expect?

Equipped with this degree, graduates will have a variety of options to choose from. They can work in Hi-Tech or Financial firms in data analyst roles. They can work in Banking and Strategy consulting as well as traditional firms that employ economists, as well as work in public sector jobs. One major advantage of the degree is providing the students with the tools that enable them to begin their own venture. During their degree, students gain practical experience and expand their network through active, hands-on assignments and close work with industry mentors.

Economic policy papers posters event (Credit: Oren Shalev)

Further down their career path, students are also equipped with the ability to grow into leadership positions. The degree provides students the skills required to develop and grow in any organization.

By training students through an interdisciplinary approach, students have access to classes combining the best of the entrepreneurial and economics schools at Reichman University. The Tiomkin Economics school sharpens the analytical abilities of the students, by rigorous classes, tours to institutions such as the The Bank of Israel and the Knesset, while the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship provides students with an innovative environment to create new ventures as well as innovate within organizations through a combination of academic rigor, industry collaborations and hands-on practical experience.

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