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Wedding in Israel: Perfect marriage of tradition and style

Lori and Adam recently celebrated their wedding in Israel. They were overwhelmed by their experience in the Holy Land

Candle Lit Jerusalem Rustic Wedding in the Wild, Ein Kerem Israel.
Candle Lit Jerusalem Rustic Wedding in the Wild, Ein Kerem Israel.

Based in New York, Lori had always dreamed of a magical and spiritual wedding in Jerusalem but Adam wasn’t convinced that the destination would appeal to their family and friends.

Unwilling to give up on her dream, Lori managed to persuade her soulmate that she would arrange a wedding and 4-day trip to Israel that would be unforgettable and captivating for each one of their guests. She quickly made contact with a leading event production company in Israel, Stein Shani, and the adventure began.

The Land of Israel

There is no doubt that while Israel may be small, it is a diverse land that offers an array of locations and venues; from traditional and historic to modern and unique. With Lori’s heart set on Jerusalem, Stein Shani suggested a beautiful venue located right near the Kotel in the Old City of Jerusalem for the wedding ceremony. Lori worked closely with the production company to create spellbinding décor that captured the true spirituality of the ancient city, while also reflecting a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

Magical Summer Wedding, Galilee Sea banks and Mountain view Israeli Huppa.

A Time to Celebrate

Once the cup had been broken under the chuppah and the meaningful ceremony had ended, the wedding party headed over to the King David Hotel in the heart of Jerusalem. This majestic hotel offers beautiful views overlooking the mesmerizing Old City of Jerusalem and the wedding reception was arranged on an outdoor terrace giving the guests the opportunity to celebrate, while being surrounded by the spellbinding city.

Stein Shani worked closely with Lori and each detail was tailored to her requests; from flower arrangements in sunny yellow and green, to a selection of traditional dishes including succulent lamb cooked with olives, apricots and toasted flaked almonds with couscous and saffron poached salmon with tomato, red pepper and salsa. Guests danced the night away also enjoying a selection of mouthwatering desserts and fresh summer fruits.

Exploring the Holy Land

For the remaining two days in Israel, Stein Shani customized tours that met the preferences of all the guests; from pampering at a luxurious spa to a Krav Maga workshop that allowed participants to show off their strength and skills. Guests also got the opportunity to visit some of the magical and ancient sites including the Bahai Gardens in Haifa and the Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens. The event coordinator ensured that every detail was taken care of, from bus transportation to a photographer to capture the special moments.

Making a Dream a Reality

While Lori had always dreamed of having her wedding in Israel, she and Adam were not prepared for just how magical their experience would be. Israel offered them the opportunity to be a part of the country’s spiritual magic, while also enabling them to create lifelong memories with their family and friends.