The Times of YISRAEL #4: Sukkah sucker

The Times of YISRAEL #4: Sukkah sucker

In which everyone is inviting Yisrael over…as long as he brings along his electric drill

In episode #4 of The Times of YISRAEL, Yom Kippur is over, the Festival of Booths is fast approaching and everyone, from the Katz’s to the Ballschwangers, is noodging Yisrael to come put up their sukkahs. Can’t they just do it themselves? Well, can’t they?

(Plus, Gary has an admirer!)

Yisrael Campbell was born Italian-Irish-Catholic in Philadelphia, but is now a practicing Orthodox Jew based in Jerusalem – and you aren’t going to find any other comedian with that worldview. He has performed his critically acclaimed, hilarious, and touching autobiographical one-man show, “Circumcise Me,” off-broadway in New York City as well as all over the world. He is based in Jerusalem.

The Times of YISRAEL series features what Yisrael does best – finding the funny about life and Judaism. 

The series is directed by Yisrael’s collaborator, Gary Rudoren, an alumnus of Chicago’s Annoyance Theater and NYC’s Magnet Theater where he has written and directed many solo shows over the last 20 years.

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