This is what bitcoin scammers, trying to defraud you, will say on the phone
'Be among the lucky ones who did not wait...'

This is what bitcoin scammers, trying to defraud you, will say on the phone

The Times of Israel has obtained a script from one of many fraudulent cryptocurrency call centers popping up around Israel in the wake of binary options ban

Phone fraud (Illustrative image: iStock)
Phone fraud (Illustrative image: iStock)

Last month, outgoing Israel Securities Authority Chairman Shmuel Hauser warned that cryptocurrency is poised to become the next binary options industry; in other words, the next multibillion-dollar Israeli scam.

“We’re very concerned about initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies,” Hauser said. “We don’t want this to become the next mutation of binary options or a haven for fraudsters.”

The Times of Israel has seen growing evidence from multiple sources that Hauser’s prediction is proving all too accurate, and that many of Israel’s outlawed binary options operatives have not closed up shop but merely pivoted toward selling bitcoin, ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Some companies have re-purposed their existing call centers and now offer bitcoin using the same techniques they honed in binary options: using fake names and locations and making false promises.

Bitcoin (AFP PHOTO / Karen BLEIER)

The Times of Israel has obtained a script from one such call center, provided by an ex-employee who said that he spent all day cold-calling customers in Europe, as well as calling some people who had left their details on the company’s landing page. This employee quit hurriedly in disgust.

The following is the script the firm’s salespeople are told to use as they seek to fleece victims:

Hello sir or madam.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is [pseudonym].

Are you Mr./ Madam XXX? [Confirm their identity]. Is this your email? [Confirm email].

I am contacting you following the request for information you made on the internet regarding cryptocurrency, bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

I am getting back to you to you to give you as much information as possible about this investment alternative.

OK, so do you already know about cryptocurrencies?

NO: OK, I guess that’s why you made your request, and I want to confirm that you did well to contact us. Do you have a few minutes to listen to me?

Continue and ask: Are you in front of or near a computer?

If not, make an appointment at a set time and date in front of a computer.

YES: listen and congratulate him. “Bravo, I see you’re already well informed.
So let me complete your knowledge by explaining who we are.”

Continue and ask: Are you in front of or near a computer?

If not, make an appointment at a set time and date in front of a computer.


So, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, but nevertheless is very real because it is likely to become the only true currency of the future. You can already trade or speculate with it or even pay for your car as with any other currency, but with the advantage that it is not managed by banks or controlled by central governments.

Most importantly, it is not subject to the influence of the traditional financial world — which is very opaque, I’m sure you will agree, and is responsible for many of the world’s crises.

Do you follow me? [confirmation]. So let me introduce us.

We are [here, the sales operative names the company on whose behalf he says he is calling], we are regulated by [here, the sales operative names a national bank of a First World country], which regulates us and controls any operating financial institution, for instance [here, the sales operative names well-known, established financial institutions].

Our goal is to provide access and support to many investors with this great alternative capitalization, which is outside the elitist and intrusive system in our wallets.

A line of would-be bitcoin buyers outside Tel Aviv’s Bitcoin Embassy, December 2017 (Simona Weinglass/Times of Israel)

I will just remind you of the lines in front of the banks in Cyprus in March 2013, when the European Central Bank blocked customers from withdrawing their funds. This occurred not far from us. You agree, don’t you? [confirmation]

Well, we’re almost done. I’ll just give you a few facts:

The market of virtual currencies has a capitalization of nearly 2 trillion dollars (2,000 billion) in just 12 years. We can no longer speak of a bubble or a passing fad. Do you agree? [listen].

The average profits on all cryptocurrencies has increased by more than 600 percent JUST THIS MONTH and since the launch of bitcoin its value has increased by 9000%. Since its creation in 2009 bitcoin has gone from 0.09 euros to 4,900 euros.

An average saver with us can have more than 42% interest per year guaranteed, and a minimum of 6% guaranteed for the first month, you realize…

What do you think? [Wait for an answer, listen, note]

Have you ever invested before — bought shares? life insurance? real estate, for example?

[Keep quiet and write down the information.]

What we offer you is to start with a discovery account that ensures an exceptional rate of 6% over 30 days whatever your investment. Our customers usually invest 5,000 euros initially.


After 30 days your funds and interest will be available, and you will see that this is a great way to get into this cryptocurrency community.

Are you interested in checking out the platform in order for me to show you concretely how you can easily follow your cryptocurrencies?

YES: So get in front of your computer.
NO: Make an appointment in front of a computer at a set time


All right, your email is xxxxxxxx@xx.xx? I am going to send you the presentation email and the connection to our platform. [Bring the customer onto the platform].

Dear [name] we will manage your portfolio in full. I’ll show you everything.

You have arrived on a homepage with a big bitcoin photo?

I am going to create your investor space. At the top right you have a box. Click on it and enter your email and your temporary password (12345678) that we will be able to secure later when opening your account.

OK, so you can see your name on the top left.

Below that you have the box [here, the sales operative refers to a field on the platform that the customer can see] and when you click on it you will see a list of the six most common currencies.

Second box below that you have [another field].

This is a summary of your open/closed positions and your current savings, as well as your interest.

The third box is [a third field on the platform]. It resumes as I explained the trading online, but it’s really for special operations. We will have the opportunity to discuss it later in our collaboration.

The fourth box “cryptocurrencies” is a summary of all the currencies and a review of the last 24 hours of the currency. We can see what this currency has lost in 24 hours …. and this other currency …

Fifth box [another field]: If you want to withdraw all or part of your funds, click on this box.

The sixth box [another field] corresponds to your personal settings.

And the bar at the bottom shows the whole of your account, so you have full visibility on all transactions made and can keep an eye on your savings. Just like with your e-banking account.

Do you have any questions so far?

I am now going to explain to you how your capital will be secured and how it will be put to work.

First, I would like to know what you are looking for and expecting from your savings? Can you give me some indications?

[Do mapping at this time, ask questions. LET THE CUSTOMER TALK. Write down everything: concerns, requests, questions, details.]

You know, dear [name] that you are not going to trade, thanks to financial arbitration we will assist you (I advise you to go on Wikipedia). That is, we will secure your capital by taking only rising positions calculated through a trading algorithm (based on a database that contains the history and all exchanges made between users since its creation). But what is important to you is that you will be contracted on a 6% from the first month. After the discovery phase your funds will be sent back to you with your interest and then together, we will discuss your investment desires and you will be in a position to set up with [company name] an investment strategy that suits you and with the discretion that cryptocurrencies give you.

Is everything clear for you until now? [Wait for answer].

Dear Mr./Madam… now that you have all the information, do you still have doubts about what you need to do to be among the lucky ones who will not have waited for bitcoin to reach $20,000 dollars per unit?

[If he does not understand, say:] I want you to consider investing an amount between 1,000 and 5,000 euros in order to start your investment. Do you understand me?

[If he offers resistance, give the Brexit argument:] On June 23, 2016, the pound lost 30% in one night. If on June 22, you had known that the pound was going to crash, how much money would you have invested?

The script concludes with specifics about depositing money — by credit card payment or bank transfer. “Tell him that you will be in contact with him as soon as he has made the payment,” it states.

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