Trailer drops for Seth Rogen film on 1920s Jewish pickle-maker
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Trailer drops for Seth Rogen film on 1920s Jewish pickle-maker

Wealth of Jewish references pepper upcoming movie ‘An American Pickle,’ in which hero falls into a vat and wakes up 100 years later

JTA — The trailer for “An American Pickle,” the upcoming movie in which Seth Rogen plays a 1920s Jewish immigrant in the United States who falls into a pickle vat and wakes up 100 years later, is finally here.

We caught a first glance of Rogen looking the part in a historically accurate picture released in April.

Now, the trailer shows that Rogen actually plays both main characters: Herschel Greenbaum, the poor ditch-digger from “Schlupsk,” a fake region of Eastern Europe, and Ben Greenbaum, his great-grandson who works as a computer programmer in modern-day Brooklyn.

The trailer also fills out the plot, which is based on a short story by Simon Rich. When Herschel wakes up in the future, he attempts to get Ben to start a pickle business with him after Ben loses his job.

Seth Rogen plays an early 20th-century immigrant in the US, right, and a modern day person, left, in “An American Pickle.” (Screen capture: YouTube via JTA)

The trailer suggests a wealth of Jewish references.

Seth Rogen arrives at the LA Premiere of ‘Game Over, Man!’, March 21, 2018, in Los Angeles (Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP)

In one snippet, the two are shown talking about how polio has been cured. Ben says the doctor who discovered the cure was named Jonas Salk. Herschel asks if he was a Jew, and when Ben says yes, Herschel pumps his fist.

The movie is out on HBO Max on August 6.

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