Veteran anchorwoman accused of verbally abusing subordinate

Oshrat Kotler denies ‘imprisoning’ former Channel 10 employee in room after recording released of her yelling ‘sit down and be quiet’

Journalist Oshrat Kotler speaks at a conference in Jerusalem on March 23, 2014. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)
Journalist Oshrat Kotler speaks at a conference in Jerusalem on March 23, 2014. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

A police complaint was filed Wednesday against a longtime anchorwoman on Israeli television, alleging that she verbally abused a subordinate.

The allegations were denied by Oshrat Kotler, who hosts Channel 10’s “Magazine” on Saturday evenings.

The denial came after the Ynet news site published an edited audio recording of Kotler appearing to threaten to fire the complainant, a former investigative journalist at Channel 10.

“If I want to fire you tomorrow morning, I can,” Kotler can be heard yelling.

“Tell me, are you crazy?” she later says.

Toward the end of the recording, the sound of apparent scuffling can be heard before Kotler yells, “Sit down and be quiet.”

According to Ynet, the former employee said she was “imprisoned” in the room by Kotler.

In the complaint, the reporter said she was diagnosed with a chronic illness a number of months ago, causing her to miss work. In light of this, she said she was summoned by Kotler for a talk, which was when the incident allegedly took place.

Reacting to the complaint, Kotler said the allegations were a “fabrication.”

Oshrat Kotler (Screen capture: YouTube)

“It is the important to clarify that the reporter was not summoned to be dismissed. Rather, the discussion was meant to allow her to continue to work [at Channel 10] despite the continued dissatisfaction with her professional conduct,” Kotler wrote on Facebook.

“But she, equipped with recording equipment, chose to turn the conversation into a screaming match as she accused us again and again of harassing her and wanting to harass her. Unfortunately I was dragged into shouting back,” she added.

Kotler insisted that no threats were made and that the former employee was not “imprisoned.”

“I invite the employee to publish not only partial quotes from the conversation but the discussion in its entirety, as well as another conversation I initiated the next day in which I apologized for the raised tones,” Kotler said.

The incident was not the first time Kotler has been recorded apparently berating coworkers.

In a video from a number of years ago, Kotler could be heard yelling at members of the network’s sound team regarding the pronunciation of a name.

“How much can one put up with these shitty conditions?” she yells in the video.

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