Clinton-Hurley love affair debunked
Sex, lies and videotapeSex, lies and videotape

Clinton-Hurley love affair debunked

Actor Tom Sizemore says he was on drugs when he made the claims about trysts between president and actress

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Elizabeth Hurley (photo credit: Featureflash /
Elizabeth Hurley (photo credit: Featureflash /

He did not have sexual relations with that woman, Elizabeth Hurley.

Actor Tom Sizemore awkwardly admitted on Thursday that he was high on drugs when he alleged that Bill Clinton, during his tenure as the leader of the free world, flew actress Liz Hurley to the White House for a tryst that led to a sordid, year-long affair.

In a live interview with the Huffington Post broadcast on Thursday, Sizemore, 52, responded to the publication of excerpts from an old video recording in which he made the scandalous allegations.

“I’m not denying that I said these things; I don’t know, I don’t remember saying them,” Sizemore said, seated alongside his manager, Charles Lago. “They’re the rantings of a guy that — it’s been well-chronicled — had a very severe drug problem.”

On Wednesday the website Radar Online published audio from the alleged video in which Sizemore can be heard telling the bizarre story of how Clinton demanded that he give him the phone number of Hurley, his former girlfriend. The incident allegedly took place during a screening at the White House of Saving Private Ryan in which Sizemore starred.

Bill Clinton during a 1992 campaign stop (photo credit: spirit of america /
Bill Clinton during a 1992 campaign stop (photo credit: spirit of america /

After offering to show him the Lincoln bedroom, Sizemore said in the footage, the president ordered him to provide the contact information for Hurley.

“I’m the commander-in-chief of the United States of America,” Sizemore quoted Clinton as saying in the video. “The buck stops here. Give me the damn number.”

According to that account, after contacting Hurley, Clinton arranged for the actress to be flown to the White House where a night of passion — with the first lady sleeping in the other room, no less — yielded an affair that stretched on for a year.

But on Thursday, Sizemore said he had never even been to the White House. “Although I said it, none of it’s true,” he asserted.

Hurley herself was quick to dismiss the report, tweeting that the story of her affair with Clinton was “ludicrously silly.”

Tom Sizemore (photo credit: CC BY  Jayel Aheram, Flickr)
Tom Sizemore (photo credit: CC BY
Jayel Aheram, Flickr)

Lago, Sizemore’s manager, revealed that in December 2013 he received an anonymous phone call from a woman who demanded $20,000 in return for not publicizing a “damaging” video of Sizemore. In a series of furtive calls over an hour the woman eventually dropped her price to just $6,000; however Lago dismissed the threat as unimportant.

Based on screenshots from the video, Lago estimated that the clip was at least four years old. The actor and his manager said that in light of the fiasco caused by the publication of the video excerpts, they would consider taking legal action.

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