The Hamas government in Gaza warned its citizens Saturday against spreading rumors which may serve a ‘psychological war’ waged by Israeli intelligence.

“The criminal Zionist enemy uses all forms of military, psychological and information warfare in its barbaric aggression,” read a notice posted on the website of Hamas’s ministry of interior.

The Shin Bet security service, Israel’s internal intelligence agency, continuously uses such methods to fragment Palestinian society, the message claimed. It warned civilians against passing on information received without a source, claiming that such behavior harmed Palestinian national security.

Interior Ministry spokesman Major Islam Shahwan said that his ministry conveyed any “needed information” to the media in a bid to “safeguard the truth.”

On Friday, a Gaza resident was summarily executed after admitting collaboration with Israel in a documentary film released by the Interior Ministry in September.

Ashraf Ouaida was shot multiple times in the head; his body left on a Gaza street under a sign accusing him of involvement in the death of 15 Palestinian leaders.