Dude, where’s my Kabbalah?

For “Two-and-a-Half Men” actor and Jewish mystical devotee Ashton Kutcher, the answer is Israel.

The former star of “That 70s show,” “Dude, Where’s My Car,” and prank show “Punk’d” will make his way to the Holy Land next week, Channel 2 reported Monday.

In tow will be girlfriend and Sexiest Woman Alive Mila Kunis, according to Haaretz, citing entertainment industry insiders.

Kutcher, who is known to study and practice Kabbalah, has made several trips to Israel in the past, including with his once-wife Demi Moore, another follower of the Jewish mystical tradition.

In 2010, the social media star and Moore headlined a communications expo in Tel Aviv.

The actor’s upcoming sojourn in the Holy Land will be devoted to promoting high-tech initiatives, Channel 2 reported.

In March, a gossip website reported that Kutcher, a Roman Catholic, was looking into converting to Judaism to impress Kunis, who is of Ukrainian-Jewish descent.

The Celebrity Dirty Laundry site reported that Kunis had been brought to a Kabbalah gathering but preferred to stay away from the trendy spiritual movement.

Rabbi Eyal Reiss, who heads a Kabbalah center in Safed, where the ancient tradition is based, told Haaretz he had not heard if Kutcher would be visiting the center, but he normally only gets word 24 hours in advance.