Monday brought more additions to the celebrity Twitter feed supporting Gaza.

Actor Mark Ruffalo tweeted a link to an Israeli-written, pro-Palestinian post about the situation in Gaza in Daily Kos, a progressive community site.

“This is an Israeli’s personal account of Gaza and a brief history. A People’s History via

After being thanked for having a conscience and criticized for being “anti Israel and anti Semitic,” he left the thread.

That tweet was retweeted more than 350 times and favorited over 421 times.

But comedian Rob Schneider got even more of a response when he posted this on Monday:

And then this:

After being told that he’s better at comedy than politics and that he’s “a voice of reason and humanity on #Gaza,” Schneider, whose father is Jewish, remained conspicuously silent.

Finally, Jewish actress Mayim Bialik got nearly 2,000 shares on her Facebook post in support of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

But she didn’t do as well on Twitter.

We’ll see who speaks up tomorrow.