President Shimon Peres on Monday called on the Israeli public to get out and vote.

Speaking to the electorate through his Facebook page, Peres said he looked forward to voting at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. “I’m doing this with excitement and pride, as a citizen who loves his country, as a citizen who’s proud to have a democratic state.”

“It’s very important that every one of you, once every four years, shows the world that this is a democratic country, with citizens who love their country and democracy. Come out and do so, with a whole heart, with pride and with full participation,” Peres added.

Earlier this month the president published a video promoting his “Voters recommend a friend” Facebook page.

According to the plan, voters are encouraged to visit the president’s Facebook page, click on a “Voters recommend a friend” button, and on election day when someone votes, an automated “check in” will occur and will inform “friends” who voted.

The explanation was narrated by Eyal Kitzis, host of the popular impersonation and skit show “Eretz Nehederet,” which satirizes Israeli society and politics.