Bernie Sanders: We must end pandemic so young people can date again

Elder, Jewish congressman notes thirst among millennials and gen-Xers for human interaction amid sharp increase in mental health illnesses during past year

In an impassioned speech Thursday from the Senate floor, Bernie Sanders gave a long list of reasons for why the pandemic must be defeated, but it was one in particular that caught the ears of many on social media.

The elder, Jewish lawmaker with seven grandchildren lamented how the social distancing rules required as a result of the coronavirus have prevented young people from dating for over a year.

“You got young people, who want to go to school, who want to socialize, want to date … they’ve been unable to do that … and that has resulted in a very sharp increase in mental illness in this country,” Sanders said, stumping in favor of the Democrats’ pandemic relief legislation that also addresses the growing mental health crisis.

While the Vermont senator spoke in complete seriousness, highlighting a real issue, many on social media were humored by the message, with some joking that like every other elderly Jewish person, he just wanted more grandchildren.

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