Brother charged with killing his 2 sisters for going out with men

Brother charged with killing his 2 sisters for going out with men

Fahdi Malouk, 24, from Jaffa, allegedly called police hotline to admit murders, told police the sisters had provoked him by dating

Fahdi Malouk at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's court in May 2018. (Channel 10 screenshot)
Fahdi Malouk at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's court in May 2018. (Channel 10 screenshot)

A resident of the central city of Jaffa was charged Thursday with the murder of his two sisters, apparently after they offended him by going out with men.

Fahdi Malouk, 24, allegedly called the police hotline in the early hours of the first day of the Muslim festival of Ramadan last month right after stabbing the two women while they slept.

He confessed: “I just murdered my two sisters, come.”

When officers arrived at the apartment in the mixed Jewish-Arab city adjacent to Tel Aviv, they found the two women — Nurit Malouk, 19, and Hayat Malouk, 21 — in their beds with stab wounds to their upper bodies.

According to the charge sheet, they were killed while other members of the family were in the house, with Malouk ignoring pleas to stop.

Each woman had a small child.

الأخوات نور وحياة من يافا، ضحايا جريمة الْيَوْمَ.يد السفّاح أخوهن، خطف منهن ايامهن، حاضرهن، رائحتهن العطره، حياتهن، حريتهن وأحلامهن.

Posted by Ibtisam Mara'ana on Thursday, 17 May 2018

According to the charge sheet, the killings were preceded by years of arguments over the the way the sisters led their lives and raised their children.

After his arrest, Malouk allegedly told an officer in the police van, “I can’t bear it anymore… They go out with men and then show me and try to annoy me.”

On the early morning in question, Malouk left his room, went to the kitchen, found a knife, and stabbed Hayat, who was sleeping behind a curtain in the lounge, in the throat, face and arm, continuing to stab her after she fell to the floor.

Ignoring the cries of his brother, who had woken up, he went into the room where Nurit was sleeping with her son and Hayat’s son and stabbed her in the throat, chest, stomach and upper body limbs, waking his mother, who was sleeping next to Nurit.

The Jaffa apartment building where the Malouk family lives. (Channel 10 screenshot)

“He just screamed “die, die,” his mother allegedly told police later.

During the stabbing spree, Malouk also cut one of the sisters’ children.

Later, under questioning, he said he did not remember the details of the incident.

“I just saw black,” he told police.

Malouk  has served several prison sentences in the past for offenses that include drugs, violence and theft.

He was also jailed for threatening his sister Hayat, but subsequently returned to the family home.

Outside the courtroom immediately after his arrest, he told Channel 10 News that he had appealed to social services but that they had not provided help.

“Where were you five years ago? I called social services to help us,” Malouk told the reporter. “Nobody is helping us. I asked for help. Nobody helps us because I’m an Arab.”

The family of 13 was living in a three-room rental apartment and was known to police and to social services

Fahdi Malouk, suspected of murdering his two sisters in their home in Jaffa covers his face as he is brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for a remand hearing on May 17, 2018. (FLASH90)

Neighbors told Channel 10 news after the killing that there was often screaming, shouting and sounds of beating in the apartment and that they had reported the noise both to the authorities and to the Halamish public housing company that rented the property to the Malouks.

One neighbor, Tania Morgolov, said that the murders could have been prevented if the authorities had intervened. Everyone living around the Malouk family’s home had been affected by the “insufferable” goings-on in the apartment, she said.

Just after the murders, residents took to the streets in Jaffa to protest the frequent killing of Arab women by family members who accuse them of tarnishing the family’s honor.

A demonstration in Jaffa against murders of women in the Arab community on June 13, 2018. (Channel 10 Screenshot)
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