Security officials said to determine Eilat assault by Jordanian was terrorism

Security officials said to determine Eilat assault by Jordanian was terrorism

Prosecutors reportedly ready to file indictment claiming suspect wasn’t acting alone in November hammer attack at port, which left 2 Israelis seriously injured

Illustrative image of the port of Eilat (Jorge Novominsky/Flash90)
Illustrative image of the port of Eilat (Jorge Novominsky/Flash90)

Israeli security officials have reportedly concluded that a violent November assault on two Israelis by a Jordanian national employed at the Eilat port in southern Israel was a nationalistically motivated terror act.

After a nearly three-week investigation by the Shin Bet security service, prosecutors are ready to file an indictment against the Jordanian man, claiming he may not have been working alone and that individuals from a foreign country may have been involved in the attack, Channel 10 reported Sunday.

On November 30, two Israelis were seriously wounded when their Jordanian co-worker attacked them with a hammer, police said at the time.

In addition to the injured Israelis, who were brought to the city’s Yoseftal Hospital with head injuries, another Jordanian worker who tried to restrain the attacker was lightly hurt.

The Jordanian man was arrested following the incident. Several hours later police said an initial probe had increased suspicions that the attack was nationalistically motivated.

The suspect, who was not immediately named, began working in Israel days before the attack after receiving a daily work permit from the Population and Immigration Authority.

Israel in 2014 granted permission for 1,500 Jordanians to work in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, which is located directly across the border from the Jordanian city of Aqaba.

The countries signed a peace treaty in 1994, but relations have been tumultuous due to occasional violent incidents and political disagreements.

Bilateral ties sank to historic lows last year after an Israeli embassy guard shot and killed two Jordanians, contending that one tried to attack him and the second was caught in the crossfire.

Jordan announced in October that it would not be renewing a land-leasing annex that is part of its peace treaty with Israel.

The Sunday report comes after a spate of deadly terror attacks against Israelis in the West Bank last week.

On Sunday, seven people were wounded by gunfire in a drive-by shooting, including a pregnant woman, outside the settlement of Ofra. The woman’s baby was delivered prematurely in an emergency operation, but died on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, two Israeli soldiers were killed and two others — a civilian and another soldier — were severely injured in another shooting attack near Ofra.

Hamas, the Gaza Strip-based terror group which has for years called on Palestinians to stir up a confrontation with Israel in the West Bank, and its officials have indicated their members were behind at least two of the recent shooting attacks.

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