Footage shows Israeli commandos intercepting Gaza-bound ship

Activists seen tasered; commando tells ex-Tunisian president that his flotilla supports a regime with same ideology as Sousse terrorist

MK Basel Ghattas from the Arab (Joint) List on board the Gaza-bound Marianne of Gothenburg ship, June 30, 2015 (screen capture: Channel 2)
MK Basel Ghattas from the Arab (Joint) List on board the Gaza-bound Marianne of Gothenburg ship, June 30, 2015 (screen capture: Channel 2)

Footage of Israeli commandos taking control of a Swedish ship attempting to bust the Gaza blockade aired on Israeli TV Tuesday night shows soldiers negotiating with a Knesset member and berating an ex-Tunisian president aboard the boat before using a taser on another activist.

Channel 2 aired partial footage of the Israeli interception Marianne of Gothenburg ship early Monday morning as it neared the Gaza Strip in an attempt to break the naval blockade.

The video, filmed by the TV station’s Ohad Chemo, was partially cleared by the military censor for publication Tuesday. The remainder of the video was set to be aired Wednesday night.

In the video, MK Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List), one of the 18 activists on board, is seen talking to the Israeli commandos in the dead of night, telling them that only one unarmed soldier should board the ship for negotiations.

“You’re asking that only one of us board, unarmed?” a commando asks.

Ghattas confirms.

The video then jumps to an off-camera commando saying, in English: “If you want no damage to be made, stop the ship and let us board peacefully because this is our intention.”

A commando then addresses ex-Tunisian president, Moncef Marzouki, another activist aboard. “I am surprised that you are on your way to support a regime that has the same ideology as those who committed this [attack] on your coast,” he says, referencing the brutal massacre in Sousse last Friday.

“Why this bullshit? We are not supporting any regime,” an activist replies.

The video then skips to show the commandos already on board the ship, tasering a pro-Palestinian activist.

Israeli soldiers are later shown talking to Ghattas, urging him to cooperate and leave the boat peacefully.

“You are our member of Knesset, I respect you as an MK,” a commando says in Hebrew.

“You are attacking a ship on international waters,” Ghattas replies.

The Israeli military reported Monday that the interception occurred without incident and there were no injuries.

The ship docked in Ashdod on Monday night and on Tuesday, former Marzouki, Spanish-European parliament member Ana Miranda and Israeli-born activist Dror Feiler, who lives abroad, were expelled from Israel.

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