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Kibbutz dramedy adapted by ‘Orange Is the New Black’ writer

‘The Commune’ tells story of thirtysomething kibbutznikim who can’t quite give up the communal life

Jessica Steinberg, The Times of Israel's culture and lifestyles editor, covers the Sabra scene from south to north and back to the center

From 'Kibutznikim,' a HOT comedic drama being remade for US TV (Courtesy HOT TV)
From 'Kibutznikim,' a HOT comedic drama being remade for US TV (Courtesy HOT TV)

Another week, another Israeli series being remade for the US.

The latest on the small screen is “The Commune,” called “Kibutznikim” in Hebrew. The drama series is now being adapted by “Orange Is the New Black” writer Hilary Weisman Graham.

The show, which will be titled “Idyllwild” in the US, is a dramatic comedy about a group of thirtysomething-aged friends who grew up together on a kibbutz and reunite to deal with the fallout when the kibbutz goes bankrupt.

In the process of trying to save the kibbutz packing house, located in a rundown neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and home to some of the childhood friends, they discover a secret that the elderly kibbutz founders have kept under wraps for decades.

The series, which was created by Yona Rozenkier, Avner Shefa, Amitai Ashkenazi, and Ori Weisbrod, aired as a 39-episode drama on HOT 3 in Israel. Some of HOT’s shows that have been adapted for the US include “In Treatment,” “Euphoria” and the most recent, “Losing Alice,” for Apple TV.

Weisman Graham, who also created Netflix’s lockdown drama “Social Distance,” has teamed up with Untitled Entertainment and Israeli companies HOT, Sumayoko, and ADD Content Agency to adapt the series.

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