3 cops indicted for tampering with investigation of immigrant teen’s murder

Yoel Lhanghal (Courtesy)
Yoel Lhanghal (Courtesy)

Three police officers are indicted in the Nazareth Magistrate’s Court for tampering with the murder investigation of immigrant teenager Yoel Lhanghal in Kiryat Shmona in October.

Lhangal, 18, was stabbed to death at a birthday party in the city amid a brawl. Liad Edri, 21, has been charged with killing Lhangal — a recent immigrant from India —  after allegedly being told that “Thai people were beating up children.”

According to the Police Internal Investigation Department, the three cops — Haim Gabai, Shai Cohen and Yitzhak Ben-Shaya — acted inappropriately during the course of the murder investigation.

Gabai, who personally knew Edri, gave advice to the suspected killer and his family and provided them with inside information in the case, according to the indictment. Gabai also allegedly failed to inform police about Edri’s involvement and the likelihood that he was the main suspect.

Cohen and Ben-Shaya are accused of taking a bloodstained helmet from the scene of the crime and placing it in their police car, then returning it to the scene and attempting to hide the fact that it was moved, and not reporting such activity to police.

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