At Sharon funeral, Esther Pollard calls for husband’s release

Esther Pollard, wife of jailed spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard, arriving at Sharon’s Negev ranch ahead of his funeral, calls for her husband’s release from an American prison.

“It was so important to Yonatan [Jonathan] that I come,” she tells Channel 2 News in Hebrew.

“Yonatan was so hopeful that he would be released before Sharon passed. He would always ask me, in the few minutes he had to call me, how Sharon was doing,” she adds.

“He told me that Sharon was the only cabinet minister who demanded not to return the documents with his fingerprints to the United States as long as he was still in America. [Sharon] always placed the agent above the politics.”

She concludes with a call to the Obama administration: “It’s not too late for President [Obama] to do the merciful thing, in Arik’s merit and memory.”