Druze leader calls for ‘common sense and tolerance’

In a eulogy, Druze leader Mouafiq Tarif turns to the Israeli government and urges them to restore calm to Jerusalem, and pledges that the Druze community will continue to fight on behalf of the state.

“You must do everything to lower the flames in the holy city,” he says, addressing Rivlin, Aharonovitch, and Danino — all sitting in the crowd — by name.

“Both we and you are paying a heavy price in the form of the blood of our sons. Incitement and extremism must not prevail over common sense and tolerance.

“The Druze community is going through a difficult time, tinged with sadness and pride as we lost two of our dear sons in the past two weeks who were defending the state of Israel. The entire Druze community bows its head in honor of the families of the slain in the terrible massacre in Jerusalem, and hope for safer and quieter days.”

Rivlin, who also speaks at the funeral, promises, “We will not let terror win. The terrorists have turned a house of prayer into a slaughterhouse,” he says.

The president praises the slain policeman for “not hesitating.

“He arrived first, and stood up to the terrorist without fear, and sacrificed himself to protect the citizens of Jerusalem.”

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