Ex-Turkish envoy sees little hope for regional confab

Tan, the former Turkish diplomat, casts doubt on the prospects for a regional conference on Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“Everything is possible, if you have the political will,” he says, noting that he doesn’t believe that Israel, the US, or the international community “have the political will.”

The region “is in a mess,” he says. “How can you think of a regional conference?

“I see, honestly speaking, no hope [for a regional conference].”

Tan says strained ties with Israel prevent Turkey from pushing a peace deal.

“For us, the political problems between the two countries tie our hands, at present,” he says. But Tan adds he is “hopeful” that Israel-Turkey ties will be normalized.

It is up to another country to advance peace efforts, he says. “Israel is the strongest partner, so perhaps Israel should take the first step, the courageous step.”

— Marissa Newman

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