Gallant thanks US counterpart as second ordnance shipment flies in

Amy Spiro is a reporter and writer with The Times of Israel

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says that a second aircraft is arriving in Israel today carrying munitions for the IDF.

“Mr. Secretary, when you said that you stand with Israel, you showed up,” Gallant says in a joint press statement alongside his US counterpart Lloyd Austin in Tel Aviv.

“You stand here with us, Mr. Secretary, you have shown us what it means to be an ally, to be a friend, to be a brother,” Gallant says.

“Defense cooperation and US support in the Pentagon, in the White House, Congress, ensure freedom of operation and enforce our capabilities,” Gallant says.

Today, “we will receive the second aircraft carrying essential munitions to the IDF,” Gallant says. “US deployment of assets on land and in air and at sea sends a strong message to our partners and enemies in the region.”

“This is a war on freedom and on our common values and we are on the front line. We will keep fighting and we will win this war,” he adds.

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