Gantz to back motion for early elections, party source tells TV

Channel 12 news quotes an unnamed source in Blue and White saying that Benny Gantz and his party will support a measure to dissolve the Knesset and call early elections, set to be voted on tomorrow.

Gantz is expected to announce his decision on the motion later this evening.

Blue and White’s support is expected to be enough to pass the motion, though it must still go through several stages, which could take weeks or longer, before it becomes official and early elections are called.

According to the channel, talks between Likud and Blue and White to solve the rift between them and avoid early elections are continuing via backchannels. The report claims that Gantz is willing to back down on his demands for a two-year budget if a power-sharing rotation agreement is made more ironclad, while Netanyahu is willing to budge on the budget so long as his ability to break the rotation deal is maintained.