Hebrew media focusing on gaps in truce talks

In his Hebrew media review, Joshua Davidovich explains that Israeli newspapers are focusing today on the reasons an agreement between Israel and Hamas is unlikely:

“The gap with Hamas is large,” reads Yedioth Ahronoth’s main headline, attributing the quote to that favorite amorphous blob called “diplomatic sources.” The paper explains that the cabinet is putting its foot down and refusing to okay any sort of port in Gaza (air or sea) or any other concessions for Hamas. Hamas, meanwhile, is putting its foot down and refusing to budge on its demand of a port, and you dear reader, you would be forgiven if you now put your foot down and drown your sorrows in a glass of port or sherry.

He also writes that there are costs to Israel if it doesn’t seal the deal.

While Hamas has a lot to lose, it’s certainly not the only one with something on the line, saith Haaretz, which reports that if the sides don’t come to terms in Egypt, the Security Council will come after Jerusalem, and Washington won’t be there to save its tush this time. “So far, the US administration has worked to block any procedures in the UN Security Council regarding the fighting in Gaza. Due to US pressure, a Jordanian initiative for a ceasefire in Gaza that called for setting up an international commission of inquiry to look into Israeli strikes on UN facilities did not advance. Sources in Israel believe that if the talks in Cairo fail, the US administration will change its policy and also start pushing for a ceasefire agreement via the UN Security Council,” the paper reports.

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