Hundreds march in Prague against anti-Semitism

Hundreds of demonstrators, many waving Israeli flags, march in Prague to protest the rising levels of anti-Semitism in Europe.

The 12th annual event, titled “A March of Good Will,” is held Sunday in the center of the Czech capital. The demonstration is organized by the Czech branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, a Christian Zionist group.

The participants, many of whom also waved Israeli banners with slogans denouncing anti-Semitism, include several Holocaust survivors and some hundred young Germans who came to Prague for the occasion.

The march moves from the city’s Old Town across the Vltava River to the gardens of the Czech Senate, where the minister of culture, Daniel Hermann, along with the Israel’s ambassador to the Czech Republic and other officials address the crowd.

Two Israeli jazz bands were to perform at a Prague theater to conclude the event.


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