IDF drops flyers in southern Lebanon warning against crossing border

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The Israeli military drops flyers in southern Lebanon warning locals against crossing the border.

Ali Shoeib, who works for the Al-Manar Hezbollah mouthpiece, publishes images of the pamphlets that were distributed near the southern Lebanese village of Kfarchouba.

“Think before you act. Your breaches of the border and your actions make the situation dangerous, and have already resulted in your injury,” the flyers read.

The Israel Defense Forces does not comment on the flyers. Yesterday, the chief of the IDF Military Intelligence warned that the head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah was “close to making a mistake” that could spark a regional war.

Israeli officials have in the past accused Hezbollah of sending Lebanese shepherds or other locals in the southern part of the country to observe Israeli military activity on the border.

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