IDF drops flyers warning Gazans against approaching Israeli, Egyptian borders

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

In the IDF flyers dropped in the Gaza Strip this morning, the military warns Palestinians against approaching the borders with Israel or Egypt.

One flyer, addressed to all Gaza Strip residents, announces the expansion of the designated humanitarian zone in the al-Mawasi area.

“In this area the expanded humanitarian aid will continue. The IDF will continue fighting the terror organizations that use you as human shields. Therefore: Gaza City is a dangerous fighting zone; avoid crossing to the north of Wadi Gaza,” it continues.

“It is prohibited to come near to the eastern and southern security fences,” the IDF flyer adds.

The second flyer, addressed to the residents and those sheltering in eastern Rafah neighborhoods, warns that “the IDF is about to operate with force against the terror organizations in the area you currently reside, as the IDF has operated so far.”

“Anyone in the area puts themselves and their family members in danger,” it reads.

That flyer also warns against approaching the Israeli and Egyptian borders.

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