Iran says advisers will stay in Syria

Iran’s military attache to Damascus tells Iranian media that the country’s military advisers would remain in Syria under a defense agreement signed this week.

“The continued presence of Iran’s advisers in Syria is one of the areas covered in the defensive-technical agreement between Tehran and Damascus,” says Brigadier-General Abolghasem Alinejad, according to the Fars and Tabnak news agencies.

It was announced on Monday that an agreement on security cooperation had been signed during a visit by Iran’s Defence Minister Amar Hatami.

“Support for Syria’s territorial integrity and the independence of Syrian sovereignty were also emphasized in the agreement,” Alinejad says.

Tehran has provided steady political, financial, and military backing to President Bashar Assad as he has crushed a seven-year uprising.

In an interview Monday night with the Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen television channel, Hatami said the agreement included the rehabilitation of Syria’s defense industry.


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