Israel had Hamas’s October 7 battle plan for a year but dismissed it — report

A bombshell report in The New York Times alleges that Israel obtained Hamas’s plans for its assault on October 7 over a year before the devastating attack, but despite the document being seen by several senior officials, it was not acted upon.

According to the report, the 40-page plan, dubbed “Jericho Wall,” laid out almost exactly how Hamas eventually wound up carrying out the attack.

The Times writes: “The document called for a barrage of rockets at the outset of the attack, drones to knock out the security cameras and automated machine guns along the border, and gunmen to pour into Israel en masse in paragliders, on motorcycles and on foot — all of which happened on Oct. 7.”

The document also showed that Hamas had access to sensitive Israeli military information, but officials determined that the terror group was incapable of carrying out an assault of such a large scope, or possibly unwilling, and dismissed concerns about it.

The Times claims that in one instance, a soldier noticed that a Hamas training exercise appeared to dovetail with plans detailed in the report, but a commander said that the drill was part of a “totally imaginative” scenario and did not point to actual battle plans.

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