Jerusalem is no safer than Paris?

Times of Israel blogger Jonathan Zausmer pens a pretty hard-hitting response to those calls from Netanyahu, Liberman et al for French Jews to move to Israel.

“Our hearts go out to the people of France and Jews of Paris who were targeted in a viscous attack by Islamic extremists,” he emphasizes. “Do we wish to see you here in Israel as citizens of the Jewish state? Yes we do, as we wish to see an ingathering of Diaspora Jews from around the world.”

And then comes the “But.”

“But know this: you need to do the math. The outrages of terror and war in the last two decades in Israel and the threat of Islamic fundamentalist violence are as present here as in Paris. If you are running away from a situation in a moment of fear for your personal safety and that of your family, take a moment and analyze the data.”

Read on here.

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