Lapid, Minister Tropper blast far-right minister’s harsh comments on hostage deal

Opposition Leader Yair Lapid hits back at far-right Settlements and National Projects Minister Orit Strock, who railed against a hostage deal earlier.

“A government with 22 or 33 extremist coalition members has no right to exist,” he writes on X, playing on Strock’s comment that the proposed agreement would throw the country’s war aims in the “trash” to release that number of hostages.

In a statement, Minister Chili Tropper of National Unity says that whether one supports the deal or not, “the fundamental Jewish precept ‘Whoever saves a single life, it is as if he saved an entire world’ should spare us obtuse and blunt statements regarding the terrible suffering of the hostages and their families, like the words of Minister Orit Strock.”

“The way of Judaism is more humane and sensitive to human life than those who sometimes seek to speak on its behalf,” he adds.

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